Dedicated to Serving
the Latino Community

About Us

Ag Jobs specializes in forging rewarding relationships between diligent workers and leading employers throughout Central, Southwest and South Central Minnesota.

Our founder Solange Cooley spent several years working in the same roles our clients now fill. When she founded Ag Jobs in 2019, Solange had already created strong ties with several reputable employers in Minnesota’s factory, production, manufacturing, agricultural and housekeeping sectors. Today we take immense pride in providing access to short-term, long-term and interim employment that meet our clients’ exact skill sets and financial needs. Our in-house team of human resource experts work closely with our candidates to determine precisely which employers’ needs they would match perfectly.

We Serve All Workers and Employers

Let us emphasize this upfront: We are delighted to partner with anyone who shares our strong values and work ethic. We are especially grateful to be in a position in which we can serve so many members of our founder’s Latino community. No matter their background or qualifications, our clients are pivotal on our mission to provide great employees throughout our expansive area of service. We owe all of our past, current and continued growth to the good people we have the honor of assisting.

Our Mission

To establish short-term, long-term and temporary working relationships with great local companies that appreciate hard work, strong values, open communication and excellent service.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in the provision of Latino workforce in the region, offering quality and reliable services to our clients, and providing employment and development opportunities to our Latino community.

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