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Business Owners

Ag Jobs was founded by Solange Cooley. She was born in the nation of Ecuador, where she grew up, attended college, and began working in law. In 2007 Solange moved to the United States and became a resident of Willmar, Minnesota.

Over the next six years, Solange worked in the same types of roles she now helps her clients fill. She then transitioned to an office role at a staffing company, in which she gained invaluable experience managing both people and schedules.

Solange eventually realized that she could only carry out her true vision for staffing – one which equally values workers’ talents and employers’ unique needs – by going out on her own. She established Ag Jobs in 2019 with the mission to establish short-term, long-term and temporary working relationships with great local companies that appreciate hard work, strong values, open communication and excellent service.

Solange is fluent in both English and Spanish, thus allowing her to communicate effectively with local companies’ managers and the workers she feels so honored to serve. Her shared life experiences with Latino workers and long-time residents of the great state of Minnesota also serves to bridge the gap between hard workers and the people who are most in need of their talents.

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